Best Shower Head Reviews

There are more various shower head designs to create a perfect atmosphere in your bathroom. Most people like to use the showers while they can stand or move freely. Rather than soaking, using the best shower head is a modern style with lots of comfort.

Thinking about the best shower head, we must recognize their types. At least, there are several popular types to be considered. So, what are the best types of shower heads? We can distinguish them based on the design or shape. As consideration, we adjust the size that can be mounted right on water lines. Some popular shower head are:

ImageProduct NameTypePriceRating
Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel AnystreamSpeakman S-2005-HB-PB AnystreamWall Mountedxx4.6
Ana Bath SS5450CCP 5 Inch 5Ana Bath SS5450CCP 5 Inch 5Wall Mountedxx4.5
Moen S6320 velocity RainMoen S6320 velocity RainWall Mountedxxx4.7
MagicShowerhead SH1026MagicShowerhead SH1026Handheldxx3
Kohler K-9245-CPKohler K-9245-CPWall Mountedxx4.3
Culligan WSH-C125Culligan WSH-C125Wall Mountedxx4.4
Hansgrohe 04342000 RaindanceHansgrohe 04342000 RaindanceWall Mountedxxx4.8
Delta Faucet T14286-SHQ ArzoDelta Faucet T14286-SHQ ArzoRain Holesxxx4.4
Thunderhead - TH2.5Thunderhead TH2.5Wall Mountedxx4.4
American Standard T385507.295American Standard T385507.295Wall Mountedxx5
Koko Brand Rain16Koko Brand Rain16Rain Holesxx4.7
DreamSpa® All-ChromeDreamSpa® All-ChromeHandheldxx4
H2oVibe Rain Showerhead JetH2oVibe Rain Showerhead JetWall Mountedxx4.5
Delta Faucet 75700Delta Faucet 75700Handheldxx4.3
Waterpik AST 233CWaterpik AST 233CWall Mountedxx4.6

You may never know most of the above. But, we will discuss some of the products that are likely relevant with your interests which are included in those categories.

Wall Mounted Shower Heads

Wall Mounted Shower HeadsPerhaps, this is a popular or default choice for most people. We are not going to run a complicated method to install this only by mounting it on the wall, and setting water shower levels. After all, there are many Wall Mounted Shower Heads as you can check on the stores, and compare which one should be the best for your bathroom interior. Also, the price is various so you can adjust it on your budget. But more important is to choose a design that is likely to be appropriate to your bathroom size. Below, we will talk about the example.


Speakman S-2005-HB Hotel Anystream

Speakman S-2005-HBThis could be a great option for you. Speakman S-2005-HB is a wall mounted option with some advanced features. This shower head is equipped with five jets which can be regulated based on your needs. You can create a fresh spray on fifty streams. Licensed on Anystream® 360° technology, it can clean automatically on powerful pressure. Also, it is already made by U.S. Plumbing standard on 2,5 gpm flow control.

There are 5 colors for this product. You can pick brushed chrome, brushed nickel, polished brass, polished chrome, or red. Just for additional information; the product has the best standard as we can find in most hotels. So, you do not have to worry about its quality. You can use it as a relaxation tool if you need a natural spray massage. Just adjust its position with T-handle and set the spray levels. You can enjoy your leisure time with the product.

Ceiling Mounted Shower Heads

Ceiling Mounted Shower HeadsThe second type is Ceiling Mounted Shower Heads. It is slightly different from the first type, but with same optimal functions. Some people love this type because they want an ergonomic concept in a bathroom. Instead of holding or mounting it on the wall, we can install it on the ceiling. It is an effective method if you want to save a space. The ceiling type is a permanent design, but we still can take it we want to change the head. There are many ceiling mounted products as you can see on some reviews or checking in popular store. Well, we will talk an example below.

American Standard 1660.683.00

American Standard 1660.683.00The American Standard 1660.683.002 is one of the hottest selling today. There are two color options, consisting of polished chrome and satin nickel. Yet, that is not the main attraction because it is a perfect shower head on 10 inch diameter. It is a great example of modern designs and you will get interested in the specs. The wonderful idea comes from rain inspiration. You can enjoy your best time just like playing in the rain. The product can be your most ideal way to live in a modern home, but really want to bring in the natural atmosphere while bathing. Also, it is very easy to clean with a brass construction.

Its circular shape can support your modern interior with contemporary style. The company also provides a limited lifetime warranty, and we can install it easily. Although it is pretty large, we can adjust the head easily. It is going to work properly but you may need some extra spots, not for the installation, but to create a spacious standing point.

Handheld Shower Heads

Handheld Shower HeadsHandheld Shower Heads may be able to make you more enjoy your spots. As long as you got a spacious interior, you can bring and spray over your body under the modern rain. You can put this if you always want to enjoy bath time, and can adjust the level easily. Since there are many products on offer, we will never run out of consideration in choosing it. But, most probably will look the same, so you should always choose the most ideal in terms of design and comfort. Below is the ideal product as you want to consider a good choice.

Ana Bath SS5450CCP Handheld

Ana Bath SS5450CCP HandheldAna Bath SS5450CCP can be an ideal option for you who want to put a simple but elegant design. The product is designed on a combo shower system, with five functions on a handled shower. The perfect combination of big 3-way diverted mount and Shower Heads can make you enjoy the greatest time in bathroom. This product may be able to be explained on some great functions. First of all, it is very quiet. So, you can bath and enjoy your best time with it. Second, it is very easy to install. You do not need any tool to upgrade with this product.

Interestingly, we can find various type of lines, as we can choose bubbling spray, saturating spray, or massage spray. Using the handheld design can create an amazing rainfall, by combining the moves. For optimal style, use both heads at the same time, or switch them based on your need. Again, this is a matter of personal taste, so you may want to consider other concepts to enjoy the rainfall in your bathroom.

Rain Shower Heads

Just like its name, we can create a natural rainfall in a bathroom. Rain shower heads consist of great designs as you can check on various options. What is the difference with other designs? Indeed, all heads will create rain in your bathroom. However, there are some fundamental differences in shapes, spots, and how to use it. Meanwhile, this is a design which prioritized specifically to create an optimal effect. If you want to bring a natural atmosphere in the bathroom, you can choose this type.

Moen S6320 Velocity

This is a great example of best rain shower heads. Moen S6320 Velocity is designed on two-functions. You can use it as rain shower or concentrated rinse. It is conceptualized on perfect sizes, with an 8 inch diameter for larger rainfall. We can create perfect water coverage by installing it on our wall.

The product is designed on immersed technology, which means can support the multiply needs for spraying. To clean it, we can use rubber spray former’s to wash away the water deposits. The head can be mounted on a ceiling or wall, so you can choose based on interior style. For effective spray, set the 30 nozzles for perfect water lines.  With 2.5 gallons gpm, you can flow them optimally.  The company provides a lifetime warranty for this product with maximum protection for leakage or other problems. It is recommended for you who want to make a natural rain style inside a bathroom.

LED Shower Heads

It is a new trend style to enjoy your bathing time with LED Shower Heads. This is a brand new concept for any modern bathroom, with a playful theme on colors. By installing this type, you can bring a new sensational way of bathroom interior. Commonly, there are many color options that will change automatically based on our setting. It seems childish, but it may be useful for the kids. They can enjoy their best time in bathroom, and the parents will not face any difficulty to ask them for bathing. The example below should be your best consideration.

MagicShower Heads SH1026 LED

MagicShower Heads SH1026 is a perfect product for anyone who wants to try a new interior experiment. It consists of 7 LED colors that will fading as it should. But wait, is it using a battery or electrical power? Don’t worry they will work automatically by water pressure. In seven different colors, you will enjoy a great experience of showering.

About its water consumption, this magic head will not exceed 2,5 gallon per minute. It is manufactured using standard shower pipe and very easy to install. So, we do not need any extra tool to put it. For regular treatment, we can clean it easily with removable transparent cover. The product is also very quite so you still able to enjoy a personal time in bathroom. To adjust the water direction, we can use the swivel connector. The warranty is on limited time as you can ask it later to the vendor.

Shower Heads with Speakers

In a modern time, we can use any new style to enjoy daily life. Yes. For bathing, you can play your favorite track at the same time. So, the head is designed for people who love music and do not want to leave it even when they are bathing. Shower heads with speakers must be your ideal style if you really want to get rid all the boring time while bathing. Also, we can prepare it as an efficient tool so you do not need wires or anything related to electricity because we know that it would be dangerous to put that thing.

Let me introduce this Kohler K-9245-CP. At first look, it may be the same with any head product. Yet, there is a different spec that you cannot find on other products. It is a speaker system to stream your best playlist. You can play them from your devices by using Bluetooth. The range is about 32 feet way, so it will not be hard to put your Smartphone or other device. The specs are in total harmonic, less than 1 percent distortion and 1, 5 watts at 1 kHz. The wireless speaker is also water resistant, so it is always safe to bath while listening to your tracks.

What if you want to remove the speaker itself and use outside bathroom? Well, it would work very properly. You can use it for other rooms instead of bathroom. There are 4 beautiful color options consist of oil rubbed bronze, polished chrome, vibrant brushed nickel, and white.

Chlorine Filtering Shower Heads
For you who really care about hygiene factor, you can pick filtering shower heads. This is a very clean and hygiene type. Hygiene is an important factor that will affect our health. Although we have prepared safety system, we cannot avoid such risks. Indeed, we should prepare the best plumbing systems with optimal quality. So, we do not have to worry about the problem of cleanliness and hygiene. Still, some people still have doubts about the water quality, even when they have put it perfectly. So, this is a type with a special filter that will ensure the cleanliness and health.

Culligan WSH-C125 Chlorine Filtering
By using this Culligan WSH-C125, you can bath easily without worrying too much about the hygiene. This product is designed with filter Shower Heads, stationary concept, and five sprays setting for natural massage. We can use it for efficient sprays supported by 10,000 gallon. What’s so interesting about the filter? Check on the details, as it can reduce scale or sulfur odors. So, we can bath freely under the fresh and cleaner rainfall. The design is very compact, but very protective for daily use. It can avoid the clog rubber spray so you can use it anytime.

For installation, you can use it personally because you do not need any tool. Just place it on the head and use it after installation. With five years warranty from NFS, you can prove its premium quality and keep your healthy lifestyle. We can use it for a long period because the product is durable and long lasting.

Novelty Shower Heads
Novelty Shower Heads offer the alternative option to enjoy a bathing time for family. There are many types of Shower Heads, but you always have the most ideal option. Usually, modern family wants something different for their daily activities. Even for a bathing, they may think a different option to be applied. We can distinguish it based on simple reason.  For example is shower which specifically designed for children. This is the example of novelty heads as you can check on the product below.

Rinse Ace 3901 Novelty Shower Heads
Rinse Ace 3901 is a great product for family who want to give a personal bathing experience for kids. This is a children’s Shower Heads with 3-foot quick-connect/detachable hose and dolphin character. Well, that seems great for the kids since they want to play overtime. You can use it by connect the channel on existing Shower Heads. With softer spray, it would safe for kids and you can adjust the height. There is not any permanent hose that will hang to shower. You can remove or use it for the kids while you can enjoy your time in bathroom.

The product is a great way to enjoy a bathing time with children on fun experience. The product dimension is 4.5 x 5.8 x 8 inches. The water consumption is 2, 5 gpm and flow rates. It is very easy to be installed and you can turn it for normal sprays after remove it as one of the best shower heads.